“One Must Awaken Each Day 

with thee Supreme Pleasure to Exist...

to do so, One Must take in Many Pleasures

thus Allowing the Continuity of All that lies in the Ethereal State

to do so in Hope of Creating Something, that which Ultimately Resists...

the Temptation of being Forgotten..."


 ~ K





  • Kele Lyn (Stewart) Volpino was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She began her creative exploration in the early years of her childhood, preferring to draw rather than converse, until the age of 4 when she was introduced to ballet and later jazz dance where the elation of sound connected with the melodious movement within was met with much enthusiasm as well as a new form of expression. Though her love of visual arts would always be her one true devotion thus below is a brief overview of some of her curiousities and passions along her colorfully synchronistic journey within the arts, enjoy!
  • She debut in a little known youth showcase entitled "The Gifted Child" in Chicago when she was 13.
  • She participated in a cultural art exchange for the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  • She participated in a group show represented by the Herron School of Art where she was introduced to Bonnie Fiorucci who would later represent her .
  • Upon graduation she moved to NY to study and work, educating and working with those whom were innovating the art world at the time, delving into any form she could dramatics, painting, sculpting, music, mixed media, design and writing poetry which deepened her adoration for philosophy and the related philosophic associations within her work that she later came to define at the time as "Ephemeral Existential Surrealism." 
  •  She had her first inclusive performance art/multimedia shows "Amongst and Between" and "An Elusive Soliloquoy" at the Limelight. Both shows consisted of paintings on varied mediums such as plexiglass, wood and some transferred to gels that were illuminated amongst the metal and stone sculptures with slow moving effigies floating across the room as they danced in and out of the whispers of poetic verse set to music that somehow felt like it was moving the effigies. It was a harmonious collaboaration of expression felt by all the senses, from the light sprinkling of rain drops that were momentarily dispursed to the aromas that would randomly waif through, that of lavender, gardenia and a dampness like a dewey cut grass scent and the feel of the droplets, it was all encompassing as it seeped through and permeated your overall being up until the last image appeared and passed suspended in an immense light and then, just like that..it is was all gone.  
  • Soon after her time in NY she returned to Europe to study the masters and to complete her studies at SACI, where she received her MFA.
  • Her love of writing poetry gave her the opportunity to meet President Bill Clinton in Washington D.C. before being inducted into the Poetry Hall of Fame.
  • Soon after she was introduced to renowned sculptor Martine Vaugel whom she traveled to study with in Loire Valley, France.
  • Upon returning she found herself again hermited away in her studio preparing for the opening of her new multimedia show based on nomadic tribal spiritually and other religious cultures titled "Survival, A Positive Balance" at the Limelight (which she utilized often until it was closed and reopened as the Avalon in 2003).  
  • She then moved to Venice Beach, California where she lived and worked collaborating with local artists such as Robert Graham and Dennis Hopper whom owns several pieces of her work along with many others such as Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams whom attended many of her after hours shows and benefits.
  • She has a deep love of creating works for the awareness of causes that are dear to her such as the environment, humanity, animal rights, children, famine, poverty and bullying as she was severely bullied herself for most of her youth into teens and has offered her skills in art therapy to help children and teens heal and repair by, as she says "keeping what empowers them, recycling the rubbish and keeping their heads up."  

  • She worked with National Geographics spending three months highlighting indigenous tribes in Africa such as the The San people (or Saan), also known as Bushmen or Basarwa, the members of various hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa, whose territories span Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and has traveled back several times since.

  • She traveled to India many times for months at a time after she was made aware of the child labor problem in Bangladesh, Calcutta, Dhaka, Hyderabad and many other regions. Across India there are roughly 3671 children under age five that die per day, most within the first 28 days of life. She met with local government while there to share the photographs she had taken as she was able to get into several fairly large scrap metal boatyards where she found children barely clothed, without shoes digging through filth, bleeding, starving along with one of the young boys that looked to be living underneath a pile of rusted scraps. Upon return she contacted the DOL, UNICEF and the ILO upon to offer assistance and to donate work to raise awareness which is a continued effort.
  • She spent months traveling to educate herself on religious cultures around the world which took her to South America, Asia, India again where she visited Puttaparthi, Anrhra Pradesh, India and was introduced to Sathya Sai Baba, with a handshake and a bow he asked her for the note she held in her hand that contained her prayer wherein he took the note and left a diamond ring in her hand in its place. 
  • After spending several months around the world studying the inexhaustable concentration of religion that binds the spiritual world to the physical she decided another trip to Africa was a necessity to this research however she found herself organizing a project benefiting famine relief. Being one who manages distraction without a blink of an eye she called up friends and gathered local artists to join her in Mali, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire to work with her in creating works of art with local residents in the selected regions. This remains one of her highlights, they created more work than she could have imagined, she said "In some areas like, Togo and Côte d'Ivoire, I was certain the entire village was present, it was amazing, we sang, we laughed, we ate and we created from sunrise to sunset and everywhere I looked I felt happiness, it was two of the most wonderful months of my life, new friends smiling and creating, and the kids, I'm a hugger and they were just so genuine and kind so there were lots of hugs, words can never define such moments but art can, art is unbelievably powerful." Later she told me some other stories from the expedition including trying to cook vegan meals, dancing in Mali with the beautiful wives of a local man named Muhammad whom jokingly thought she would make a nice addition to his harem, and let me not forget her infectious laughter when telling the story of the camel ride that turned into a fast paced uncontrollable gallop. In the end however it was rather successful for the lovely people of Africa whom welcomed her and joyously created along side her as the auction raised $328,000. for those in the regions. 
  •  She continues to show in "pop up" venues, and her own unnanounced solo shows, she is not of the norm, she's not a gallery artist, she has shown in old theatres, churches and even that old mansion she favored in Malibu.. those of you who know, know quite well how fond she is of those spaces lost in time though satiated with the spirit she seems to always combine effortlessly with her own. Upon the passing of her long time agent Kele became more involved in illuminating the worlds struggles and in trying to promote the arts overall. As she says "There is always more to do" and life has drawn her creatively to explore it at great depth, she's a "doer", an all or nothing type. As Nicole, a childhood friend disclosed to me "I have witnessed her "otherworldliness" when at work, she is who she is and does what she does because it is inherent to her, she needs it like the rest of us need sleep and food, it feeds her and was given to her and her alone, she feels it in a way most can't get or quite honestly prefer not to, its easier for most of us not to feel that which calls out in the most familiar voices within whether its good or bad sometimes we just want to walk past it... to not know the depth of our being, but she seeks it, happy or sad it is a necessity for her, she has always said, "Our "Why?" Lies Within Our Fundamental Questioning of it" but myself having been close to her, to see her in this freedom that she envelopes is like watching the innocence of a child exploring a new world, a world they have not seen before and all of a sudden they become in love for it, unable to detach... I speak to her and she is gone, but she is there.... she is creating it.
  • 2017- She continues to create and to see what is being shown to her as her next opportunity to grow.. to connect.. to DO as this is a characteristic that will continue long unto she has tended this endless cultivation of hers as if it were the last garden the earth would ever know…If one day you look around and all you can see is flowers, vegetables and fruit, know this has been her dream ever since I can remember as one day life will no longer be considered as a nutritional supplement. 
  • She stands firmly with PETA and supports ALL organizations whom do all thatis possible to make this Dream a Reality and will happily donate work to raise funds in support of this. 
  • Kele will happily donate work to raise funds for PETA, Arts Education, Health Education, Special Education, Cancer, Women's Issues, Hunger, Homelessness, Human Rights, Underprivileged Children, Poverty, AIDS, Disaster Relief, Children, ALS (amyrotrophic lateral sclerosis), Drug Abuse, Environment, Adoption. Please feel free to contact her, she will reply ASAP personally.

"Daily We Must Awaken and "Decide" to Give Happiness and Joy to ALL in our Path...
and Live by a Most Heightened Sense of Knowing that of which has a Deep Belief Inside of Us,
that which Guides us to Feel that We are ALL on a Journey to Seek...
to Teach, and to Give Something to ALL Whom We Meet Along the Way...
Know Always that We are "Not" here for Ourselves, We are here “4 One Another”...
Live Selfless and ALL will be Defined as Much Much More...." 
~ K




Famine Relief Benefit - Mali- Kele enjoying with her new friends.




Thank You, 

“May Your Journey Continue Long Unto...
May You Give Much More than has been Given to...  
Hoping All Whom You've Shared not more than a Glance... 
Will in Time Hear the Rhythm of Life's Fortuitous Dance..."
May Love, Light & Curious Wonderment Accompany You Always...   

~ Kele xo